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Gregory SJ Beuke, Ltd. is here for you when your legal needs hit closest to home.  When custody of your children is on the line, along with child support, spousal support, and everything you and your spouse have come to own, you need a qualified Wichita family lawyer by your side.  
At Gregory SJ Beuke, Ltd., success is measured not only in terms of positive outcomes for our clients, but also in terms of overall client satisfaction.  We know that you expect and deserve not only the best results we can obtain for you, but also our best efforts to ensure that you are completely satisfied with our representation of you along the way.  This means thoroughly explaining every step of the process, providing candid advice as you weigh all of your options, and keeping the lines of communication open.  If we can meet or exceed your expectations, in terms of both results and resolving your legal matter in the most pleasant manner possible,then we will consider your case successfully resolved.  
We can assist you with nearly any family law matter, including a contested divorce, an uncontested divorce, a legal separation, a paternity action, a child custody matter, child support, protection from abuse (PFA), protection from stalking (PFS), or a premarital agreement.  
If you have questions about your rights and obligations, or if you are currently involved in or considering initiating any of the above legal actions, contact Divorces Lawyers in Wichita KS like Gregory SJ Beuke, Ltd. today.  Call the number below, or email Gregory S.J. Beuke directly at  to set up your free consultation.  


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